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A Christian Novel "Be Ready!"

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"Be Ready!" is a Christian novel about Diane Danay.  She thought she had it all - a high-level corporate position, a glitzy Manhattan apartment, an expensive sports car, and an adoring boyfriend with a house in the country for weekend getaways.  She was gloriously happy and led an exceptional life by any standards.  But, a fortuitous visit from her cousins changes everything.  Through their influence, Diane discovers a huge void in her life - a spiritual void that destines her for eternal damnation. This is the story of her quest for personal salvation and spiritual fulfillment, before it's too late!

This 336 page paperback novel is right out of the box brand new! Your copy will be signed by the author.  The 2nd Copyright was released March 2015 and the paperback sells for $19.95.  It is also now available on eBook and in paperback and hardcover.  It can be ordered through, Barnes & Noble, or ordered from your local bookstores.