One Nation Under God Greeting Cards America Themed Blank Verse Cards for All Occasions and Christian Novel "Be Ready!"

    I have always enjoyed taking pictures capturing everyday beauty.  It is all around us!  One day I felt God spoke to me, "You know all those pictures you have taken?  Now is the time to do something with them." It had been a day I saw my daughter and husband (newlyweds) leave from the airport to live a long way from home.  Then God gave me a new adventure the same day.  He is so awesome!  I jumped up with enthusiasm and started getting together pictures to make into greeting cards.  Isn't it amazing when God gives you a word and just leads you in the right direction.                           

    That was September 2002 and I did make cards and sold them but never went on-line.  On the back of every card is 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV).  God wants to show us that we need to pray for our country and treasure the freedom and beauty that we sometimes take for granted.  I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed capturing America down streets, backroads, on the water, in the fields and  the sky.  I may have taken a picture of your porch, truck or rocking chair and took it from a public road or grounds.  If I did photograph it I thought it represented what I think of as true America in all of its simple beauty, humor, daily life and unique tradition.  We just have to see it in every day and every turn and be reminded what we have once again.

     All of these cards are printed on Hallmark quality cardstock. I will pick out an assortment of 10 cards for your boxed set while supplies last.  Also the card box has a clear plastic lid and flexible ribbon around it.  All cards are the original photos of the author and photographer, Diane Frost, and are 5x7 frameable.  

    So, please stay posted and thank you for visiting  Please tell others so everyone who is sent a card remembers to pray for our country.  God bless you.

                                                                                                                         Diane Frost